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At Gatewood Superior Inspectors, we specialize in providing exceptional property inspections in Cibolo, Texas, to ensure the safety and compliance of your home or business. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to offering peace of mind and expert advice tailored to your property investments.

Safeguard Your Cibolo Investment - Identify, Address, and Resolve Property Concerns

Thorough property inspections are essential to uncover potential issues that could impact the safety, compliance, and value of your Cibolo investment. Gatewood Superior Inspectors focuses on detecting these concerns and offering practical solutions to preserve your property’s worth. Rely on our team to support you throughout the inspection process and protect your investment

Detailed Inspections

Our Cibolo-based team performs meticulous inspections to uncover any potential issues, leaving no stone unturned.

Professional Advice

Leveraging years of experience in Cibolo, our certified inspectors provide accurate and dependable guidance to address any concerns.

Outstanding Customer Service

We take pride in our commitment to accommodating your needs and ensuring a seamless, stress-free inspection experience.​

Ready to Safeguard Your Cibolo Investment? Act Now!

Don’t leave the safety and value of your property to chance. Schedule your inspection with Gatewood Superior Inspectors today.

Our Services in Cibolo, Texas

Gatewood Superior Inspectors provides a comprehensive array of inspection services, carefully assessing every aspect of your property.

Residential Inspections

Safeguard your home with our all-inclusive residential inspections.

Commercial Inspections

Fortify your business with our detailed commercial property inspections.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Make informed decisions with our pre-purchase inspections before investing in a property.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Sell your property confidently by addressing potential issues with our pre-listing inspections.

New Construction Inspections

Ensure your new construction investment meets industry standards with our thorough inspections.​

Maintenance Inspections

Preserve the value and safety of your property with our regular maintenance inspections.

Trusted by Cibolo Residents and Business Owners

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value As a  first-time home buyer, not really knowing what to expect was a huge concern for me. However, Shannon was super transparent and offered great advice from his thorough findings! He is super responsive and breaks things down until you have a solid understanding, all at a reasonable price point. I highly recommend this company!!”

“​​Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value If you’re buying a house and want a honest professional, this is your guy! Thorough is exactly what I needed and exactly what I got. Shannon was on time, had multiple pairs of boots (outside, inside, roof), he explained everything that needs to be repaired in regular terms. Additionally, he did the pool, septic system, and irrigation. No sub contracts; he did it all! If you’re renting out a house I’d even recommend him to come do an inspection before and after tenants. Call GSI for your housing inspection needs!”

Gatewood Superior Inspectors

Gatewood Superior Inspectors is a leading property inspection company in Cibolo, Texas, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure your property’s safety and compliance.

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