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Securing a quality home or commercial inspection can save you thousands in unexpected repairs. Gatewood Superior Home and Commercial Inspections equips you with the knowledge you need to make confident, informed decisions about your property.

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Expose Hidden Issues. Resolve Your Concerns. Ensure Your Peace of Mind.

Property purchases and maintenance come with inherent uncertainties. Don’t let hidden issues cost you more down the line. At Gatewood, we conduct thorough inspections, helping you identify potential problems, understand their implications, and outline effective solutions.

Comprehensive Inspections

We cover every aspect of your property, inside and out. No stone is left unturned, ensuring you get the complete picture of your property's condition.

Detailed Reports

Every Gatewood inspection concludes with a detailed report, providing you with a clear, comprehensive record of findings and recommendations.

Certified Expertise

Our inspectors are professionally trained and certified, guaranteeing a high standard of service and reliable advice.

Don't Wait For Surprises. Ensure Your Property's Health Today!

Confidence in your property’s condition is just one inspection away.

Our Inspection Services in Windcrest, Texas

We’re proud to offer our comprehensive inspection services throughout the Windcrest area.

Residential Inspections

Keep your home safe and secure with our residential inspection services.

Commercial Inspections

Ensure your business infrastructure is up to standard with our detailed commercial inspections.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Avoid unexpected issues and expenses with a pre-purchase inspection.

Post-purchase Inspections

Monitor your property's condition and prevent issues with post-purchase inspections.

Maintenance Inspections

Stay ahead of potential problems with regular maintenance inspections.

Specialized Inspections

Tackle unique issues with our specialized inspection services, tailor-made for your property's needs.

Trusted by Residents and Business Owners in Windcrest, Texas

Gatewood Superior Inspection is phenomenal. Shannon was very thorough when looking through my house. I pointed out some issues and he found some I had no idea about. I would 100% recommend.

If you’re buying a house and want a honest professional, this is your guy! Thorough is exactly what I needed and exactly what I got. Shannon was on time, had multiple pairs of boots (outside, inside, roof), he explained everything that needs to be repaired in regular terms. Additionally, he did the pool, septic system, and irrigation. No sub contracts; he did it all! If you’re renting out a house I’d even recommend him to come do an inspection before and after tenants. Call GSI for your housing inspection needs!

Gatewood Superior Home Inspections

Gatewood Superior Home and Commercial Inspections is your go-to solution for comprehensive, reliable inspection services in Windcrest, Texas. Visit us at our website for more information.

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