Meet the Team​

Shannon Gatewood

Owner & Certified Master Inspector, Gatewood Superior Inspections
TREC Professional Inspector #22649
WDI Inspector, TDA #0891595
NAWT-Certified Septic Inspector #16498ITC

Gatewood Superior Inspections is owned and operated by Shannon Gatewood.
He is married to Rachelle, and they have two children, Lauren and Kristen.
Shannon is retired from the United States Air Force and has more than 25+ years of construction and quality assurance experience.
Active in the community, Shannon & Rachelle have been instrumental with the Fragile X Alliance of Texas (FXAT), a non-profit organization that provides support, education, and sometimes a shoulder to cry on for families of those affected by Fragile X Syndrome and Fragile X-related Disorders.

Rachelle Gatewood

TREC Apprentice Inspector #25875

Rachelle joined GSI as an Apprentice Inspector to help keep Shannon organized on larger and more complex properties… and she has excelled in that role. Lucky for Shannon, she has no desire to be a solo inspector and enjoys coming along every now and then between running her own Bookkeeping business and taking care of the many goats, chicken, cats, dogs, rabbit and who knows what else her crazy family will acquire next.

Erik Bentz

TREC Professional Inspector #25887

With a long history in the construction industry, Erik joined GSI well-prepared to serve clients. After he completed his upgrade training with his Certified Master Inspector®️ Trainer, he has proven himself to be a 5-Star Review machine impressing both clients and Real Estate professionals with his knowledge and customer service skills.